Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Last but not least

Mrs Mayhew and Mrs Hampshire would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful cards and gifts they received today. Thanks also  to all who came  to share our last afternoon  with the children It was wonderful to see so many of you.  
We were quite overwhelmed by all your good wishes and it's impossible to say just how much they all meant to us.. 
We spent a quiet hour after everyone had gone home unwrapping, re- reading and thoroughly appreciating each and every one of them! 
Mrs Mayhew will be back in September to keep you all on your toes in PE   and Mrs Hampshire could be spotted anywhere as she pursues her "simpler life."

Don't forget to say hello when you see us!!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone xxx

Everyone agrees Beach Day is one of the best days of the year and this year was no exception. 
The sunshine was glorious, the sand just right for digging and the fish and chips delicious.
Thanks to Henrys mum for a really useful talk about sea safety and to our lovely helpers Mrs Appleyard, Mrs Beales and Mrs West.
 It was great to see Miss Race again, proving to be a champion sandcastle builder.

Eleanor doing a lovely impression of a mermaid!!

Theo digging his way to Australia!!

Emily found a crab. It is in there somewhere!

On Tuesday we walked to church and Reverent McPhee led a lovely service helping us to think about moving on. We wish her well in her new post as she moves on too. 
Ben,Eleanor and Evie, our Year 2's, were presented with a bible.

 Our last day of term has been a happy and sad one . We are all looking forward to the holidays but we are sorry to say goodbye to Ben, Eleanor and Evie. They have been fantastic Year 2's and we had a lovely assembly to send them on their way to the Academy. We all wish them the very best of luck and know they will do really well in Key Stage 2.
Here they are one last time with their goodbye gifts from Hickling.

Happy holidays everyone!!!

Friday, 15 July 2016

We had the chance on Tuesday to see the dress rehearsal of "Grease"
 at Catfield 
It was really fantastic and everyone had worked so hard to make a great show. Some of us liked the songs best, some liked the dancing and some liked it all!!
Thanks Catfield, well done on a great production.

On Tuesday afternoon we went down to the Chapel Pit for the last visit this year.

It was beautifully green and everything had grown lots since our last visit.
Wondering where we are?

Here's the answer!!

Having a sing song in the Chapel
It was pouring down the whole time!

We got wet again today (Well it was WET DAY!!)
The equipment got a good wash and dry 

But then guess what?!
The hose stopped working again, Mrs Hampshire had to go and investigate and we all got SOAKED!! 
But at least we got to soak Mrs Hampshire and Miss Turner as well.!!
(Had to put the ipad way for that bit as they don't like water)

Last blog of the year next week. 


Friday, 8 July 2016

The mystery is solved!!

Farmer Dave came to see us on Monday and explained all about the problem with his pigs.
They are really unhappy and off their food. The pigsties have blown down and they are suffering from sun burn. Poor piggies!!
We have set to work this week writing funny stories and jokes to cheer them up and designing new pigsties. We are going to do some cooking for them and make some moisturiser for them. We are re- writing "Old McDonald had a farm" to include the animals Farmer Dave has on his farm (There seem to be some very odd ones) We will send a video to them of us singing it.
Lets hope it works and they all cheer up!!!

The school was buzzing at the end of the day on Wednesday when we had our Summer Bazaar.
There was lots to look at and we raised over £180 for school funds
A big thank you to Beths mum, McKenzie and Maxs mum, Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Appleyard and Mrs Funnell for all their help. 
Thank you to everyone who donated items and came along to support us.


Friday, 1 July 2016

There was a Teddy Bears Picnic at Sutton on Thursday and all the Reception children from across the Federation got together with their bears and other assorted cuddlies.
Here they are enjoying some of the fun activities and  the delicious picnic they prepared themselves.

Year One and Two had a fantastic time at the Norfolk show and managed to fit in loads of interesting activities and experiences. The Dog and Duck show was one of the most popular  along with a very large tortoise!  Even the weather and traffic were kind. 
Thank you to all the lovely staff who worked hard to make both events run so smoothly.

We said goodbye to our lovely Miss Race this week. It has been lovely having her with us and we will really miss her. Thank you from everyone for all you have done and good luck in your new job. 
We're hoping she can make it to Beach Day.

Today we got a very strange email from someone called Farmer Dave. It sounds like he has a problem with his pigs and he wants us to help!
He is coming to see us on Monday to tell us all about it. I hope we can help to sort things out!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Health week was always going to get our pulses racing and it certainly did!
We started off gently with yoga which was really relaxing and gave us lots of tips about how to be calm and chilled. Some of the moves were a little tricky to do but we gave it a really good try!!

The sun shone for us on Sports day and there were lots of friends and family to cheer us on All four teams gave it their all and after an energetic warm up the team games tested our throwing and catching skills. Everyone enjoyed the track races and tee shirts were covered with stickers by the end 
Team Norwich City were the overall winners ,so very well done to them.
Thank you to Mrs Mayhew for organising the day, we loved it!

There was a great Karate session on Wednesday and Ben got to show us some of his skills. (He may be doing a repeat performance for the Leavers Assembly)

Miss Race has been helping us think about our healthy food choices and Reception have made some great posters all about keeping healthy.

All in all an exhausting but really fun week